Ganti Job Berseker

Finally your Giant character reached level 50. You can finally choose a second job. Here’s a guide to Rohan change job quest from Giant to Berserker. This guide is created AriesMinor. All text and image credit belongs to him. The Quest Map guides after the jump.

Alright, I’ve got a lot of questions about it since I’ve done the job change etc, and sorry to the 
devout berzerker’s that have gone upwards of lvl 53 and still not completed the job change =X 
my fault, was busy with TW etc grinding, you know the deal.

1. This is the part where they give you a key and tell you to find a statue etc, very first part, just travel along the valley keeping an eye on your right (coming from the bindstone), until you reach a little hidden pathway up that hill there you’ll notice a sorta flat ground with the huge towers, search around there and you’ll find it in no time.

2. They tell you to look for varks, (the ones carrying crossbows) these are where they hide.

3. Venom spider ladys (cant remember the name) collection quest

4. Mutant Giant boss hunt (easily find him lurking around, he looks exactly like an orc king)

5. Red and Blue tatoo dye (FINAL BOSS) these are archers. Bring pots and if possible elixer, the blue one dies the fastest but deals the most dmg, the red one is tanky but deals low dmg. Try to kill blue first.

1. Roughbark Drys, right outside the bindstone easy to find (collection quest)

2. This is where the legendary Nakoff npc (that takes forever to find cause hes some drifter berzerker) gives you a key to open a barrel, this is where the barrel is.

3. This is where Nakoff is hiding.

These are not numbered in order but will give you a pretty dead on location for where these search and find quests are, all you gotta do is know what you’re looking for, look here, and its in one of these 8 spots. Without map, lookin at about 5+hours of wheres waldo hunts. With map…cake.

Red Ryder if you think this thread is worthy of some glue, please feel free to sticky it.   Good luck.

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